The foilyage technique

Just like with balayage, the hair color is painted onto sections of the hair. However, these sections are then wrapped in foil, as you would when bleaching, to intensify the color. The result gives a natural-looking sweep of color that intensifies at the tips.

Advantages of foilyage

Like with a traditional ombré look, the hair’s base color stays the same at the top, so you don’t need to go for regular touch-ups: you can even simply let it grow out if you feel like a new look a few months later. An advantage for brunettes who opt for the foilyage technique is that the lifted hair doesn’t take on a brassy sheen after a few weeks, as it can do with traditional coloring. Plus, you don’t risk damaging your hair by sitting under a blowdryer waiting for the balayage process to take effect.

Copper foilyage

How about combining the latest foilyage coloring technique with this season’s most on-trend hair color: copper! Bring out those gorgeous fiery hues with some flaming foils of color. Think rose gold, strawberry, burnt orange, poppy red… the entire red spectrum is at your disposal! Remember to keep your color as bright as possible by using the right hair products, such as the Vitamino Shampoo and Vitamino Masque by L’Oréal Professionnel.

Unsure about whether you want to update your hair color? Why not try a semi-permanent option like DIA Richesse, a tone-on-tone coloration process that lasts up to 4 weeks. Ideal if you want to cover your first grey hairs, are unsure about coloring, or merely want to try something different for a month.